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Eagle Bond Chemical Anchoring Bolt Fastener and Fixings Adhesive

EagleBond chemical epoxy anchoring system is mainly used for post installed / post installation anchoring. Chemical epoxy can be used with Anchor bolt, Steel bar and Full Thread rod.

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Chemical Bolt Capsule Adhesive

Eagle Bond Chemical Capsule and Bolt is composed of high-strength anchor bolt, complete with nut and washer, and chemical compositions of vinyl resins, selected quartz sands and curing agents stored inside a glass capsule for stronger and easier application.

AB500 - Concrete Epoxy

AnchorBond500 concrete anchoring epoxy is mainly use for post installation of anchor bolt that includes epoxy agent with adhesive to bond or secure any load to a concrete using rebar, bolts, rods and dowell with a very high and ultimate strength of bonding. Concrete epoxy anchoring solution is best for heavy load, vibration and harsh environment condition.

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