Eagle Bond Chemical Anchor Bolt Fastener and Fixings Adhesive

EagleBond chemical adhesive bolt is a type of strong fastening bolt solutions that is used in structural construction especially in fixing loads. It is a very effective fastening solution, that eliminates the risk of stress on concrete and breaking of concrete like mechanical anchor bolts produced when fastening.


Safe and Efficient Fastening System

Eagle Bond Chemical Anchor Bolt is a spin type anchoring system that is very easy and simple to use, No special tools are needed. Chemical Capsule anchor bolt fixing is a very fast curing adhesive and has an optimal perfomance when consistency is required.

eagle bond packaging

Chemical Capsule and Bolts

Eagle Bond Chemical Capsule and Bolt is composed of high-strength anchor bolt, complete with nut and washer, and chemical compositions of vinyl resins, selected quartz sands and curing agents stored inside a glass capsule for stronger and easier application.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fast Curing Time - Easy to use
  • High Strength Load Capacity
  • Efficient - No Mixing needed, 1pc Chemical Bolt Set per Fixings
  • Easy to use for overhead fixing
  • No stress on concrete compared to mechanical bolts
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