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AnchorBond 500 Concrete Epoxy


AB500 Injection Type Epoxy Mortar

AnchorBond500 Concrete Epoxy is a super strong fixing and reinforcing solution for rebar and threaded rod heavy-duty anchoring connections.

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Advantages and Benefits

  • Performance equivalent to top leading brands for injectable epoxy
  • High Performance / High strength / Strong Cohesion / Good Toughness
  • Excellent thixotrophy - Can be used for side and overhead fixings
  • Pure modified epoxy resin, no styrene
  • Aging resistance / Thermal and Heat resistance / Moisture resistance
  • Acid & alkali resistance / Seismic resistance, no expansion forces
  • Stable in humid and damp environment Can be used for cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Adjustable range of embedment depths
  • Can be used for anchoring to hollow block

Application Range

  • Installation and fixing of steel bars and bolts in concrete structure
  • Fix load using threaded rod to serve as anchor bolt
  • Reinforcement for curtain wall & bracket fixings
  • Building structure reinforcement & framework anchoring
  • Anchoring structural connection for slab, columns, beams, and other steel products.
  • Retrofitting solution for structural buildings and other structural anchoring requirements.
  • Fastening solution for various machine equipments
  • Reinforcement solution for highways, bridges, water conservancy projects and the likes

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Concrete Epoxy Anchor

AnchorBond500 concrete anchoring epoxy is mainly use for post installation of anchor bolt that includes epoxy agent with adhesive to bond or secure any load to a concrete using rebar, bolts, rods and dowell with a very high and ultimate strength of bonding. Concrete epoxy anchoring solution is best for heavy load, vibration and harsh environment condition.